Angelina Jolie speaks at G-8 about the ‘Forgotten Victims’ of wars

Angelina used her celebrity status for good in London on Thursday the 11th of April to raise awareness of an important cause: fighting sexual violence in military conflicts. She joined forces with British Foreign Secretary William Hague in announcing the $36million of funding that has been donated from G8 nations to go towards preventing sexual violence and ensuring justice for its survivors. Calling them the ‘ Forgotten Victims’ of the wars in the Middle East and Africa.


Hague called it the ‘slave trade of our generation’ and stated, ‘now that we have put war-zone rape on the international agenda, it must never slip it off again.’
Calling the G8 meeting an ‘historic’ declaration, Hague puts the responsibility on nations to search for and prosecute anyone accused of such crimes.
Jolie, a special envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, hailed the ‘long overdue stand’ on sexual violence saying for too long it had been sorely lacking.
When people think of war many things come to peoples’ minds, however I’m not sure sexual violence would be one of the first. I love seeing celebrities raise awareness on important issues such as these, let’s hope the governments and nations take note!



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